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Charlotte Mills-Murray hand makes all the items sold by Dichroic Glass. Starting in the art of stained glass, Charlotte mastered the skill of kiln forming glass and specialises in Dichroic Glass, a specific type of glass which changes under different lighting. All glass is made in the artist studio in West Yorkshire, UK.

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships

All our items are made using the stunning dichroic glass. Dichroic glass means two colours, it is a multi-layer coating applied to glass through a highly technical process. Dichroic glass has different reflective  and transmitted colours, giving a shift of two colours depending on the light and angle the piece is held. Dichroic glass is indescribably stunning, each piece is exquisitely unique with stunning colours that attracts and demands attention.

How it’s made

Pieces of glass are carefully selected and cut to match a design. Several layers of glass are then fused in the kiln to form a single piece of glass. This process maybe repeated several times giving depth to the finished piece. Pieces maybe cold worked which involves shaping the piece with a grinder and then a further firing, or slumping into mounds to form bowls and other items. Once complete items are finished, cleaned and beautifully presented for your enjoyment.

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